Go Green

solar panelsLet Capital Control Systems - your Northern Nevada green energy experts - share with you our knowledge and expertese in green heating and cooling - be it design/build, or retrofitting an existing struture.

There are many great options that allow you to decrease your carbon footprint, while saving substantially on annual energy expenses and qualifying you for some attractive government tax incentives.

solar panelsThere's an energy savings option for every budget and every lifestyle - whether you're looking to replace an existing energy-hog HVAC system with something Energy Star rated, or if you're looking to to GO GREEN on a larger scale - such as with solar planels or wind generators, Capital Control Systems has got you covered. We can design a solar system for your home or commercial project for electric power and/or hot water, and we're also trained in the installation of wind generators, solar panels and low voltage pumps.

Contact us today for a free consultation. We'll estimate all upfront costs and provide to you a detailed report with your estimated savings - and how long it should take to recoup your investment in monthly/annual energy cost savings.

  • We recycle our metals
  • We recycle our oils
  • We recycle our refrigerants
  • We use ozone friendly refrigerants
  • We separate our cardboard from our garbage.

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