Programable & WiFi Thermostats

Q: How can I save on my heating costs?

A: Install a programmable thermostat!

When used as directed, a programmable thermostat can cut your heating and cooling bills by 20% or more. Set it to adjust the temperature when you don't necessarily need optimum comfort, and your HVAC equipment runs less (such as when you are away from home or asleep). Plus, your heating or cooling comes back to a comfortable level automatically when you come home or wake up.

Comfort ControlSave even more with a WiFi-connected thermostat. (Yes - there's an App for that!)
Many of today's programmable thermostats have have the ability to connect to your home's WiFi network, allowing you to change the temperature of your home - in real-time - from miles away, all from your smartphone, iPad or computer!

Check out a few options below, ranging from programmable thermostats with an easy to use control panel that walks you through the programming steps, to a "learning" thermostat that remembers your temperature adjustments and programs itself, to a complete comfort system with a handheld device that senses temperature wherever it goes - giving you the freedom to make adjustments from anywhere to be comfortable in the rooms where you live.

Honeywell WiFi
VisionPRO® 8000
Honeywell WiFi
Focus Pro
Honeywell WiFi Prestige 2.0®
Comfort System
Nest WiFi
Learning Thermostat™

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